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Concession Stand for Scout Circus

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Pop corn, peanuts, candy, chewing gum, soda pop, ice cream and hot dogs will be sold at a concession stand which will be operated by the Boy Scouts at their circus in the Ft. Warren bowl Sunday, May 18.

All proceeds from the stand will be distributed among the various Boy Scout troops participating in the circus.

More than 2,000 are expected to attend the circus, proceeds of which will go to further Boy Scouts programs in Cheyenne. Tickets are now being sold by all Scouts and their leaders.

Scout Circus Plans Pushed

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The Boy Scout circus committee and the chairman of the various troop committees decided last night to operate a concession stand at the circus to be held at the Ft. Warren bowl May 18.

A concession committee was formed and plans were laid for the handling of various circus food items which will include pop corn, peanuts, candy, chewing gum, soda pop, ice cream and hot dogs. All proceeds from the sale of these items will be distributed to the various Boy Scout troops participating in the circus and in the community.

The circus is the first of its kind attempted in Cheyenne and is expected to be a big success. The planning is in the hands of a committee of trained scouters, headed by a chairman who has had previous experience in the planning and organization of such scout activities.

Anyone desiring tickets who have not been contacted may obtain them from any Boy Scout or scout leader. All money obtained from the sale will be turned over to the troops to further the development of their Boy Scout programs.

Boy Scout activities in Cheyenne and vicinity have made tremendous progress in the last several years in spite of the temporary hardships caused by the war which took so many young men who were actual or potential leaders.

21 Troops Will Participate in Scout Circus

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The first annual Cheyenne Boy Scout Circus is all set for May 18 at the Ft. Warren Bowl, it was announced last night by Frank Sills, general chairman of the circus.

All the scout troops and senior units have been working hard to put on a magnificent show for the people of Cheyenne. Twenty-one troops will be participating in the circus of which there will be 18 Boy Scouts troops, a Sea Scout unit, Explorer Post unit, and an Air Squadron unit.

One of the highlights of the circus will be a signaling race from Round Top to see if the Scouts can send a message faster than a motorcycle can make the trip.

All Cheyenneites are invited to attend the circus.

City's Boy Scouts All Set for Gala Circus on Sunday

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More than 300 Boy Scouts in a score of troops within the vicinity of Cheyenne will top off several weeks of practice and rehearsals Sunday afternoon with a Scout Circus in the Ft. Warren bowl.

"This is the first time all the scout troops in Cheyenne and vicinity have gotten together on a program of this kind to raise money for their equipment and other troop needs," declared Chairman Frank Sills. "But Boy Scout Circuses have proved so popular in other cities that we feel sure our one dozen varied events will please the spectators."

The only troops in this scouting district which will not participate in Sunday's circus are the ones in Albin and Pine Bluffs. One of Cheyenne's 18 regular Boy Scout troops will be clowns to provide humor-relief for camping, cooking, fire-building, first aid and pioneering demonstrations. Demonstrations will also be put on by the three senior scouting organizations here--air squadron, explorer scouts and sea scouts. Cheyenne's Eagle Junior band will provide music.

The Boy Scout Circus here will be complete with all the circus goodies and refreshments one usually finds at a circus, Concession Chairman Robert H. Marker promised, "except that the materials were donated to us and we won't be charging whooped-up circus prices!" Scouters Robert Bass and Ray Robertson are the other members of the concession committee, which will be assisted by Al Babka, J. P. Heagney, Jacob Eckhardt, Clarence Michie, George Redhair, J. W. Platt, Lt-Col. C. J. Baaken (scoutmaster of the Ft. Warren troop) and Bob Steele.

"Members of the local Scout Mothers' clubs and Den Mothers will serve in the main concession tent and about 40 Boy Scouts have volunteered to bring refreshments into the stands for the spectators," Marker said. "We are especially grateful to all the firms who contributed the materials for our concession."

Among those firms listed as contributors of concession supplies were: Asher-Wyoming, Coca-Cola Bottling company, Pepsi-Cola Bottling company, Dr. Pepper Bottling company, Cliquot Club Bottling company, Winter-Moreland Wholesale company, Boyd's Cigar Stores, Garlett's, Skagg's, Pacific Fruit and Produce, Beatrice Creamery, C. J. Call Market, Wigwam Bakery, Schleicher Bakery, Carl Bailey and the Crystal Ice company.

The program will get under way at 1:30 Sunday afternoon with the troop of clowns burlesking the "historical one-shot buffalo hunt".

Scouts Will Compete With Motorcyclist

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Motorcyclists will compete with Boy Scouts in more ways than one here Sunday afternoon when the Cheyenne Footprinters are staging a "mechanical rodeo" with 75 riders at Frontier park.

One of the 12 events in the first annual Scout Circus is a race between Scout signalmen on Round Top and a motorcyclist bringing the same message to spectators in the Ft. Warren bowl.

Scout Circus to Be Staged Here Sunday

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Everything in the way of food that goes toward making a successful circus will be a feature of the Cheyenne Boy Scout circus to be held Sunday at the Ft. Warren bowl.

Popcorn, candy, soda pop, hot dogs and ice cream will be available at a concession tent to be set up near the circus midway.

At a meeting between the troop committee chairman and the general circus committee headed by Frank Sills, a committee to head the concession activity was appointed to include Robert Marker, chairman; Robert Bass and Ray Robertson.

The committee will be assisted by Scouters Al Babka, J. P. Heagney, Jacob Eckhardt, Clarence Michie, George Redhair, J. W. Platt, Colonel Baaken, Bob Steel and Frank Sills.

The various items to be sold were contributed to the Boy Scouts by local merchants, including Asher-Wyoming, Coca-Cola Bottling company, Pepsi-Cola Bottling company, Dr. Pepper Bottling company, Cliquot Club Bottling company, Winter-Moreland Wholesale company, Boyd's cigar store, Garlett's, Skaggs drug store, Pacific Fruit and Produce, Beatrice creamery, C. J. Call market, Wigwam bakery, Schleicher bakery, Carl Bailey and the Crystal Ice company.

Thru the courtesy of Colonel Baaken and other officials at Ft. Warren, the concession will have a completely equipped tent for its operations. Den mothers and members of the Scout Mothers clubs will serve in the tent, and 40 scouts have volunteered to serve as salesmen and will carry purchases right to the patrons on the stands.

Scouts Set to Give Public Thrilling Show Here Sunday

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Culminating two months of preparation and rehearsal 350 Cheyenne Boy Scouts will march onto the field in Ft. Warren Bowl Sunday afternoon for the city-wide Scout circus, and with the promise of fair skies from the weatherman, a capacity crowd is expected to witness the numerous and varied events.

It will be a full-blown three-ring circus, complete with clowns, excitement, contests and refreshments, Chairman Frank Sills has promised.

"Several troops have become outstanding in their work," Sills said, "but besides the demonstrations of model camping, hiking, cooking, firebuilding and first aid, we'll have some exciting, colorful and humorous events designed to please all types of spectators."

One of the most novel features of the circus will be a race between scout signalmen on Round Top and a motorcyclist who will leave there at the same time with an identical message in an effort to deliver it to Ft. Warren Bowl before it is received and transcribed by flagmen on the field.

"Members of Scout Mothers clubs and Den Mothers will supervise the operation of our big concession tent," Sills continued, "but about 40 scouts will be on hand to deliver food and refreshments to spectators at their seats in the stands. The materials for the concession were donated by many public-spirited Cheyenne business firms, and while we are interested in making money to buy scouting equipment for the various troop funds, we will charge only the prices you ordinarily pay in downtown retail stores."

Sills' committee for putting over the circus includes: J. P. Eads, Bob Steele, Carl Schultz, Hollie Koch and Bob Marker.

The scoutmasters of the 21 participating troops are as follows: Dr. H. Haines, Troop 100; Gradey Boone, Troop 101; Howard McKee, Troop 102; Floyd Mann, Troop 103; Bob Steele, Troop 104; Don Lesser, Troop 106; Lt.-Col. C. J. Bakken, Troop 108; Lloyd Osborn, Troop 111; Don Donaldson, Troop 112; Delbert Merrill, Troop 113; Jerry Berger, Troop 114; Edwin White, Troop 115; Lawrence Hutton, Troop 116; Henry Fox, Troop 117; Leonard Tebbs, Troop 118; Jack Platt, Troop 122; Charles H. Williams, Troop 126; Alexander Callahagn, Sea Scout Ship No. 2; James Duncan, Explorer Post 122, and Bill Koontz, Air Squadron 117.

Boy Scout Circus Is Scheduled Tomorrow: Three-Ring Show To Start at 1:30

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The biggest show of the year, outside of Frontier Days, will be the first annual Boy Scout circus, which will be staged here tomorrow afternoon at 1:30 at the Ft. Warren bowl, when approximately 5,000 people will fill the stands.

The gala three-ring affair, which has been the steady incentive for over 350 Boy Scouts for two months, is all set to go. Everything will be complete from clowns to pop and peanuts.

All 12 acts will feature some phase of scouting such as camping, hiking, first aid, firebuilding, cooking and signaling.

Different troops have become experts in the fields of work that they have prepared for the program. Troops 104 and 115 will build fires without the use of matches. Troop 102 will put out a burning building. Troop 126 will demonstrate first aid. Troops 108, 112, 100, and 126 will stage a colorful event with their tent and camp set ups. The thrill of the pioneering act willcome when Troop 116 and 101 build a bridge and signal tower respectively.

Troops that will participate in the circus will include: 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 106, 108, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 122, 126, Ex. Post 122, Sea Scouts 2, Air Squadron 117.

Directors of events will include: Grand Entry with Edwin White's Troop 115 as color guards; Buffalo hunt, Grady Boone Jr.; camping event, Don Donaldson; firewood preparation, Jack Platt; firebuilding, Clyde Smith; cooking, Claude Roberts; first aid demonstration, Charles H. Williams; hiking, Bob Steele; scouting, Dee Ellif; compass and judging, Bob Bass; pioneering, Lawrence Hutton; signaling, Edwin White; senior scouting, Frank Sills, James Duncan and Alex Callaghan.

The Scouts and audience will also participate in a brief ceremony in honor of "I Am An American Day," which has been arranged by Colonel Haydon and Colonel Bakken of Ft. Warren.

Large Crowd Sees Boy Scout Circus

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Despite unfavorable weather, a large crowd attended the highly successful Boy Scout circus staged yesterday at the Ft. Warren Bowl.

The strong, cool wind hindered several tent pitching and smoke signalling demonstrations, but the dozen other acts were run off well.

Included in the demonstrations were a historical one-shot Buffalo hunt, presented by the circus clowns under the direction of Grady Boone; camping, firewood preparation and setting; cooking, first aid, hiking with full pack and equipment, compass and judging, pioneering, signaling and demonstration by the air squadron, sea scout ship and explorer post.

The clowns were a great success and kept the show moving with their antics. Music was provided by the junior high school band.

Dr. A. G. Crane, secretary of state, spoke briefly on "I Am An American Day," which was celebrated in conjunction with the circus.

Col. C. J. Bakken of Ft. Warren was the master of ceremonies and Frank S. Sills was the general circus chairman.