A "Youth-Full" 46 Years Old

Copyright The Wyoming Eagle, February 10, 1981, p. 10

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In the summer of 1935, the Cheyenne Lions Club was granted a charter by the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America to sponsor Boy Scout Troop 101.

Today, 46 years later, the Cheyenne Lions Club has the distinction of being the Charter Partner of a Scout Troop longer than any other organization in the Cheyenne area.

While churches of all denominations sponsor the most Scout units, the Lions Clubs of the United States comprise the largest single sponsor of Scouting in the country. In addition to Troop 101, Sea Explorer Ship 101 is sponsored by the Cheyenne Frontier Lions Club and Cub Pack 101 by the Cheyenne Sunrise Lions Club.

During the late 1940s and early 1950s the Scouts of Troop 101 were a familiar sight as they dressed in Indian costume and paint, and, to the accompaniment of war whoop and drum, danced their way down the Frontier Days Parade route as the "Ki-Ann Indian Dancers."

In 1953 the Cheyenne Lions Club acquired a building on the shore of Sloan's Lake in Lions Park for use of the Scouts of Troop 101. During the summer of 1973 a major remodeling and enlargement of the building was begun by the Lions Club, the leaders and Scouts.

Dedicated to Walter K. Gowan, longtime club secretary, the Lions Club Scout Lodge now provides one of the finest Scouting facilities in the Longs Peak Council area.

The Scouts of Troop 101 participate in activities ranging from an outdoor program of long and short term camping, mountaineering, hiking, and canoe trips down the North Platte River, Camp-O-Rees, First Aid-O-Rees, National Scout Jamborees to community activities such as distribution of materials for organizations such as United Fund, American Heart Assoc., and the Olympic Committee; assisting the Kiwanis Club with other Scouts in the Cheyenne area for the Frontier Days Chuckwagon breakfasts; and helping the Lions Club in the annual Broomarama.

As Scouting completes its seventy-first year of serving the boys and young men of America, the Cheyenne Lions Club Troop 101 is in its "Youth-Full" 46th year of service to the boys and young men of the Cheyenne area as the largest Scout Troop in the city. 1980 found the Scouts of 101 taking part in Cheyenne District and Longs Peak Council events in addition to the troop program.

At the Scout Show held at Laramie County Community College in March, Scouts from Troop 101 received the first place trophy in the Pioneering event. A month later the Hawk Patrol of Troop 101 repeated its win and became the first troop to receive first place three consecutive years in the District First Aid-O-Ree competition.

Cheyenne Lions Club President is Ralph Owen; Scouting coordinator, Hugo Jensen; Troop committee chairman, Floyd Foresman; Committee members, Dennis Madigan, Jack Rutan; Assistant Scoutmasters, William Austin, Robert Bourg, Gregory Dyekman, Kevin Madigan and David Sullivan; Scoutmaster, Pat Madigan.