Special Mission: Wyoming Boy Scout visits Malden statue

Wendy Campbell, Staff Writer

Copyright, August 4, 1999

Used with Permission
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Some teenage boys are spending the summer hanging out with their friends, playing baseball and dreading the day when it's time to go back to school. However, Leland Duck, a 12-year-old Boy Scout from Cheyenne, Wyoming, has had a very productive summer vacation.

Duck is a member of Troop 101 in Wyoming. Duck recently traveled to Malden on a special mission. He visited the local Boy Scout replica of the Statue of Liberty which is located on Downing Street.

Duck has been travelling around the United States with his family taking photos of all the Boy Scout statues such as the one located in Malden. Duck's father, Ron, is a former Malden resident so, along with visiting the statue, it was also a chance to visit old friends.

The Boy Scout statue located in Malden is among 200 Statue of Liberty replicas distributed about 50 years ago. The 200 Liberty replicas are located in 39 states in the United States. All of the statues were erected to commemorate the Boy Scouts' 40th anniversary theme, "Strengthen the Arm of Liberty."

A project called "Save Outdoor Sculptures," is currently in the process of locating about 100 of the 200 reduced-scale Statue of Liberty replicas distributed nationally by the Boy Scouts between 1949 and 1951. The remaining statues are assumed to have been destroyed, decayed from bad weather or moved indoors.

There are 23 of the Statue of Liberty replicas located within the state of Missouri. Along with the sculpture that is located in Malden, there are replicas in Cape Girardeau, Columbia, Butler, Kansas City, Springfield, and Sedalia, just to name a few.

Duck, with the support of his family, has enjoyed his summer of traveling.

"This has been a lot of fun," the youngster said. "We have visited so many neat places. We have visited different cities in which the Boy Scout statues are located. At each statue, I have had my picture taken. All of the pictures are going to be placed in a scrapbook for a Boy Scout project that I'm working on with my troop."

At the time he visited Malden, Duck had already had his picture taken at 17 different Statue of Liberty replica statues. The other cities in Missouri where Duck travelled to included Boonville, Cape Girardeau, Concordia, Irondale, Jefferson City, Silva, Slater, Marshall, Lexington, Liberty, Jefferson City, and St. Joseph. He also visited Grand Island, Hastings, Scotts Bluff and North Platte, all cities in Nebraska.

Duck is looking forward to heading back to Wyoming and discussing his adventures with members of his Boy Scout troop.

"This is something that I will remember for a long time," Duck commented. "I'm proud to be a Boy Scout and I have enjoyed tracking down these statues. We still have more stops to make before it's time to go back to school. But, it has definitely been a wonderful summer."

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